Welcome to the Molecular Pharmacology Group

at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The overall aim of the Molecular Pharmacology Group’s research is the identification of optimized therapeutic strategies for the treatment of complex disease, mainly cancer. Our optimization strategy uses fundamental research to reveal the action mechanisms of the optimized drug mixtures. The latter, in turn, may identify novel signaling pathways, mechanisms of resistance and may lead to new drug discovery alleys.

The mainstays of the ongoing research are:                           

- design of personalized optimization of multidrug combinations,

- identification of novel targets for treatment,

- patient-derived 3D in vitro tumor models,

- cell death mechanisms,

- overcoming acquired resistance of targeted drugs,

- alternative to mammalian screening models,

- nano-systems for co-delivery of multidrug combinations.

We work in a close collaboration with clinicians, engineers, biologists and  medical oncologists in order to perform clinically relevant translational research to improve cancer treatment efficacy, reduce side effects and probability of a drug acquired resistance. Our ultimate goal is to develop personalized synergistic combination therapies to the dynamically changing tumor response.

Recent news

  • InnoSwiss supports our research
  • Molecular Pharmacology Group welcomes Magdalena Rausch as a PhD student

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