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Registry for women exposed to Zika virus during pregnancy


Studies are urgently needed to answer the questions surrounding the ZIKA virus and its relation to the congenital neurological conditions. The purpose of this registry is to launch a prospective structured data collection to allow future research projects leading to a better characterization of the risks associated to ZIKA virus infection during pregnancy (e.g. to characterize the spectrum of disease, to quantitatively estimate the risk of microcephaly and other ZIKA virus associated birth defects, to identify gestational ages with the highest transmission rate or risk factors such as co-infections).

Inclusion criteria: Any pregnant patient exposed to ZIKV during pregnancy (i.e. through mosquito bite, unprotected sexual intercourse or other).

Exclusion criteria: patients considered as minor in their jurisdiction and patients who have not given their informed consent or are not able to consent for themselves will not be considerate eligible in the registry.

The data collected anonymously will be made available to any research group in the world following the data-sharing agreement initiative (http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/News/Media-office/Press-releases/2016/WTP060169.htm), provided that they have a clear, non-redundant research question and a biomedical research Ethics committee approval (a list of on-going research projects will be kept available).
Anyone supporting the registry by providing well-documented cases will be listed as a collaborator of the Zika in pregnancy registry in any future peer reviewed scientific publication having used data from the registry.

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